Student Forms

Student Forms

Knowing which forms that you need is not always that easy to determine. You may also connect to the ISEF web site and complete the online questionnaire to determine which forms you may need to complete. Please remember that if you have doubt, please go ahead and complete the form. Connect to the ISEF flow chart.

Intel ISEF Pre-collegiate Rules and Guidelines


ISEF Rules Wizard

The Rules Wizard has been designed as a first step to help you determine what forms and approvals are necessary before beginning a science fair project intended for competition at an ISEF-affiliated fair or the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

Click here to download the FFFS Rules Supplement

Display and Safety Certification Form


If you know what forms you would like to complete please select them from the list below.


The following forms are required for projects
1.  Safety Assessment Form
2.  Research Plan (1A)
3.  Approval Form (1B)
4.  Regulated Research Institutional / Industrial Setting Form (1C)
5.  Qualified Scientist Form (2)
6.  Designated Supervisor Form (3)
7.  Human Subject Form (4)
8.  Vertebrate Animal Form (5A) and (5B)
9. Potentially Hazardous Biological Agents (6A)
10. Human and Animal Vertebrate Tissue Form (6B)
11. Continuation Project Form (7)
12. SSEF of Florida Abstract Instructions
13. Category Descriptions
14. 2014 SSEF Official Abstract
15. Mortality Report
16. BSL2 Safety Assessment
SSEF Entry Forms
1.  SSEF Entrant Form 2014
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